Canada’s business owners are in a crisis, and don’t know it.

As baby-boomers retire and die in the next decade, over a trillion dollars of business assets will change hands, but most small and medium business owners are not prepared for succession. Over one-half of them do not have a plan at all.

Worse, without a proper succession plan, most small and medium businesses fail after the death or departure of the founder, and more taxes are paid than should be paid.

We are trusted succession advisors.

“How many of us get out of here alive?…“How much can we take with us?”…“How you ever seen a roof rack on a hearse?” – Jed Chinneck

We help small business owners to create and implement succession plans for their businesses and for the business owners themselves (and their family members).

The objective is to develop customized plans to identify and train new leaders to replace the outgoing owners with the expectation of maintaining and growing the “golden goose” for generations to come, and providing stable retirement income for outgoing owners, while growing equity and income for the new leaders, and most importantly, avoiding failure and payment of unnecessary taxes.

We work with a team of complementary advisors including financial advisors, insurance agents, bankers, tax advisors and the founder’s own accountant to develop and implement custom succession plans for each business and its founder’s family.

Many of our business, farm and agri-business clients that we assisted to grow their business, are now turning to us to guide them through the succession planning process.

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